Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Keine Angst

I wonder if I blog better when I an angst-ridden.

Which, these days, is not the case so much. Generally, life is good.

Oh sure, this could change in a split second. But for the most part, life is good. So I am lacking much to kvetch about.


Zinn guys are here fixing my cabinets. I don't think it is their last trip.

Today they are moving the upper cabinet to the right of the stove, which was not lined up quite as I had envisioned it. But no matter, as they agreed to change it. They made my in-door spice racks bigger (the first one held 12 spices - not enough) and changed the shelves to accommodate more spice racks. Now they will need to make a piece to cover up the top of the dishwasher.

One more step on the road to a complete kitchen.


John Edwards has profoundly disappointed me.

Need I say more? He's hardly the last man who will turn out to have behaved very badly. But I expected more from him. He is smart - especially on health care and needs of the lower/middle classes. He showed such promise.

And he threw it all away for what? A roll in the sack? His career is over.

He's not the first, not the last. But still, I am sad.


I've been looking through the pool catalog - lots of fun toys for summer. The girls have mentioned a slide; not sure if we need to go quite that far, but it's worth consideration, anyway.

Summer, come faster!

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